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Thank you Jesus!

Just thought I would let you know my huge praise! As most of you know I am off work for maternity leave so money is somewhat tight as we are now living on the saving put away for this time off to live on. I had budgeted $250.00 for our gas bill for January and I was just hoping and praying that that would be enough. If we went a little over that would have been fine but the weather has been so cold I just knew we were going to be getting another one of those $500.00 gas bills. We got the bill yesterday and can you believe what it was? $247.65. Thank you God! Faith is amazing isn't it? God is good, all of the time! That and trying to conserve energy. We have been trying very hard to use as little heat as possible. We have our huge picture windows covered in plastic as they are old and huge so air does get in. We also invested in a space heater for my dressing room as it is in the part of the home that was added on and there aren't any heating ducts going to that area. We also have shut the heat off in rooms which we do not use. I know these are just common sense things that everyone does (or should do) when it gets cold, but they are things that bear repeating because they really do help.