Super Busy at Home

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Stuck In This Room

The perfect afternoon environment for blogging and browsing for online coupons...Nick is downstairs taking a nap with Emma and I am upstairs with an adorable sleeping little boy named Calvin. It would have been perfect had I had everything I needed. But now I am up at the computer and am stuck...if I go downstairs it will definitely wake up Emma which would probably cause Nick to scowl at me. First I realized I forgot my sales flier for the grocery store downstairs, meaning I can't see what coupons I need; no problem I will look it up online. Next I realized I left my coupon organizer out in the car so I can't see if I already have a coupon that I may be thinking of printing off for an item. Next I was going to take a picture of all of my loot from the consignment store and realized the camera is downstairs...shoot! Last and shamedly least, the camera card is even with the camera (which is almost unheard of around here) so I can't even post the goofy pictures of myself that Nick took last night. Rats! So I thought I would blog about my blogging misadventures and how I have been sitting at the computer getting caught up on all the neat websites I find in magazines and tear out the pages to look up later, which ultimately results in millions of papers lying around the office. Sigh...sorry there's nothing exciting yet but hopefully I will be able to post some things tonight!