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Its Too Small Now

I just ran across this picture Nick had taken and I think it is just precious. This is one of Emma's hats from about a year ago. She was just too cute in was one of the one's from Nick's mom and it was just adorable. Whenever Emma outgrew something I would always get very sentimental. My baby was growing up! Lately when she outgrows something there has also been a sense of excitement...yes! Now that we are getting into big girl fashions, outgrowing something means there is the potential to wear something different. Soon gone will be the days of snapping her shirts at the crotch.

Yesterday however, I went to put a sleep and play on Calvin and I couldn't even get it up to his shoulders...the boy isn't even two months old and we are already in 3-6 month clothes...can we say he's going to be tall like Daddy? I think we can! Anyway, when dealing with the too-small-of-outfit situation, two emotions came to me. One was fear...holy crap, I'm still unpaid being on maternity leave and this kid has nothing to wear! Hmmm...maybe Goodwill is half offing it this Saturday? The other emotion was sadness; it hit me that this is our last child, this is the last one I will experience the little babyness with. And to be honest I have been diligent in praying that he would get out of this stage as quickly as I somehow managed to get pregnant with him. And now I find myself trying to pull back the fog of sleepless nights, postpardumness, and hormones to try to remember his remember his smell, or the way his skin was the softest thing I had ever touched, or how his little buttser fir perfectly in my hand when I held him. I have to somehow find a way to encapsulate all of those things into my little boy is growing up already far faster than I ever could have anticipated. If I don't have clothes for him that fit how am I ever going to be prepared for him leaving the house or going to college? How will I manage to wrap my head around those things?

Anyway, take two things from this: one, if you want to buy cute baby clothes, now would be the time, and two, I am nuts, but I think it may turn out to be for the best.