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I hate this!

So these are the medicines that we have been giving Calvin. He has been diagnosed with Acid Reflux so we were given two medicines: one to help the acids stay down and another to help repair his esophagus. The only problem with these medicines is that they have not been working. You know that there is something wrong with your three week old baby when they are projectile vommiting everywhere and constantly screaming and moaning...something was just not right. So after several doctors visits and an emergency upper GI scan we acertained that he had Acid Reflux. We have been giving him these medicines now for about three weeks and nothing has improved. So they prescribed another medicine, however it is going to cost $80.00 every two weeks and it is so complicated only one pharmacy can make it and it takes three days! Unbelievable! So while waiting on the medicine we stopped giving him Zantac, which is the medicine that the new medicine will be replacing. Lo and behold, he is happy and smiling, and not screaming! Nick called the doctor today only to find out that in fact Zantac can cause pain if it isn't helping? Why didn't someone tell us that in the first place? Here we knew it wasn't working but have been continuing to give it to him on the off chance that it is helping at least a little bit. I feel so bad that we've been causing this child to be in pain. So now we are just giving Calvin reglan (the one medicine he had and will continue on) and he seems great. We are going to wait through the weekend to see how being off Zantac affects him but so far I think he is doing splendidly. And if we don't need to drop $150.00 a month on a new medicine, well, that would just be icing on our acid reflux cake.