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How Our Weekend Went

So this weekend was one of those strange surreal weekends where nothing that you had been expecting happened. Saturday we were planning on visiting Nick's sister and her husband, then Sunday was planned to get cleaning and relaxing done. Friday evening we got a call when we got back from our Valentine's night letting us know that Nick's sister had been called into work. So unfortunately we didn't get to see them; we miss them so much! So instead we decided to get things done around the house. We got the cleaning done that you always find yourself putting off: changing outdoor lightbulbs, hanging things, sorting the kids clothes that are now too small. However what I didn't find myself doing was the normal everyday cleaning...that still needed done. Saturday night I baked chicken breasts with a crunchy onion topping. I made the pieces nugget sized for Emma and she LOVED them! We finally have chicken that she will eat!

Sunday we went to church and then off to lunch with friends visiting from Florida. It was very good to see them and thank them for the wonderful care package of clothes they had sent for Calvin. Unfortunately after we returned home from lunch we didn't get much done as we were all so exhausted. Emma refused to take her regular nap and Calvin had been up for most of the night before, so Nick and I were wore pretty thin. I did manage to get dinner made and the kitchen cleaned up, so we have that going for us. Tomorrow I will get started on laundry and try to get everything back up to speed in our household. It was nice to have a weekend to just leisurely relax though.