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The Grocery Store

So tonight my mom and sister Lacey came over to spend some time with the kids. It was wonderful to have them over. Nick and I had a movie that was due back at the grocery store so we left the kids with them and went to return the video. How pathetic I felt: going to the grocery store to return a movie felt like a date...that's how often I am not alone with Nick these days. It was kind of funny! We walked through the store picking up avocado's and corn chips holding hands like we were in college again...ah to be young and in love! At least we've never been one of those couples that put their hand in the other's back pocket...tacky! Anyway, Amy over at (seriously check this out, its cool!) gave the code of GROUNDHOG for a free video from redbox which is the DVD rental system at our grocery store. I think it is good until Feb 5th. After the store we came home and watched the Super Bowl, but it was wonderful to have a date with Nick!