Britax? More like Ripoffax!

Okay, I may be the biggest idiot in the world, but can someone explain to me the point of paying $300.00 for a car seat? A couple of my friends have Britax carseats and more have registered for them, which has left me sitting here wondering why on earth you would need to pay that much for a carseat? Please do not be alarmeed, I do not have Emma strapped in with a handkerchief or anything in the back seat sitting on phone books. We have a very respectable Eddie Bauer Carseat that we bought on sale at Target for around $80.00. It works great. The $300.00 price tag is something that just floors me. Does the carseat automatically fasten the child in so you don't have to hunch down to do this, all the while getting your backside rained on while it sticks out of the car? Does it feed your child vitamins so you don't have to cooerse them into this yourself? Does it come with some type of tracking device so if your child is kidnapped by someone prudent enough to take the carseat as well, you will be able to find them like dogs with chips in their heads? I know people say that you can't put a pricetag on your child's safety but I think that is a bunch of crap. Unless you are driving like a Nascar racer (which by the way I do pronounce Nas-car-A) a carseat that is supposedly that safe is simply unnecessary. All of the tests and precautions have been taken to ensure safety on my moderately priced seat; there weren't any stickers on the box that proclaimed my seat perfect for moms hopped up on Meth that just don't care. And how would you know if your seat is really that safe? Are you going to go and play chicken on the tollroad to ensure that the side panels on your child restraint seat really are sound? But seriously I do want to know what all the hype is, I am not just being cynical (well maybe just a little). So if you know why you should buy a car seat for the cost of a large Coach tote bag, please comment and tell me so I may decide if I should run out and get for the princess and one for the Noble Hunchman who is sitting next to me (hunched, I'm not just mean).