Aunt Jan?

Today was a wonderful day. Although it had snowed TONS over the last 24 hours, Jaime and Gram battled the storm and headed over to our house to visit, bringing Panera with them...yummy! I explained to Emma that Grandma Jean and Aunt Jaime were coming over to see her. "Jan?" she asked immediately. She still thinks the three should always go together like during the summer time I guess which is just so cute.
Jaime played with Emma tons which I know both Emma and Jaime love which is always nice. Plus then I don't have that nagging guilt that Emma wasn't played with enough. Gram treated us to lunch and then got plenty of time in holding Calvin.
Speaking of Grandma Jean I must tell you this story as it is just too, too cute. The other day we were asking Emma if she wanted to take off her pants and diaper and sit on the big girl potty. Well of course no was the response, like always. But she started grabbing her pants and she said "Jeans, jeans, Grandma Jeans"! Isn't that the cutest? She apparently thinks my Grandma is Grandma Denim or something adorable. But in hindsight I was pretty proud of her for putting those things together...way to use your noggin' Em!
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