Super Busy at Home

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In our neck of the woods

Okay so this picture has nothing to do with the blog, just thought you would enjoy it...a picture from the first bath. Just thought I would update you on what has been going on around here...we took Emma today to get her first hair cut but they were just too busy so we are going to have to fit that in some other day...I'll post pictures when we do that. Nick's being neutered the 8th of February...yeah! No Valentine's day lovin' here at the Witwer household as I am still in the 6 week period and Nick can't do anything for ten days after the operation. I am so excited this will be done and I will know that this is the last of baby having! I am feeling overwhelmed but in no specific way. People have been fantastic in asking what I need done and really I don't need anything...unless you have a wet nurse available that can feed my son through the night so I can get a good night's sleep. I have been doing all of the feedings at night on my own while Nick sleeps and is funny because he just can't figure out why I would be so tired...hmmm, I wonder? So I am slowly getting into that place where my body is mad because it knows it hasn't had sleep but even worse won't be getting sleep for quite sometime. I just want to sleep everyone, please! And yes I know Calvin sleeps when he is not feeding but I want a solid nights sleep, no waking up for feedings or changings or to see if he is still breathing (yes as a matter of fact I am a freak) so that is what is going on here...inside the house I had not left in a week before Thursday night...I am becoming a hobbit who likes Elmo apparently. How are things going on the outside world?