Super Busy at Home

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Bored here with kids asleep

I feel almost as though I should just be blogging about Calvin, but this is my blog so I'll do things my way, ha! Tomorrow Emma is being watched by Aunt Jan while we take Cal to his appointment with the doctor. Afterwards, I may come home and switch kids and take Em out to get her hair cut. We haven't cut it yet because she had the curls and it was just so adorable. But as I again noticed today when I combed it, the curls are gone and she has some type of weird Fraiser Crane hair-do. Its funny because Nick is actually the one that has not been wanting to cut it...its too cute he says. Her hair is bringing down her look, I told him. So we are getting it cut. I am hoping tomorrow but we will see.

In frugal fun news, I went out yesterday to Macy's to see what deals I could find for myself. Besides finding a messy parking lot full of people who don't remember how to park when it snows, there was little to find. I left Nick home with the kids and actually had time to look around in areas other than just the kids department, and yet that is the only place I was able to find anything. I scored a soft sweater hoodie for Cal for 4.69 and a couple of pairs of yoga pants for Emma for .69 a piece. We have big aspirations of starting yoga this Summer but we will see.

So that is all that is going on around here. I will talk to you all soon, love you!