Super Busy at Home

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Baby Its Cold Outside

On days like this when it is frigid outside I am glad that I get to stay at home in my sweats and have no where to go. I am also getting a lot done around the house which is a good feeling. Things that have been leaning against the wall for Nicholas to hang I am finally hanging them and this weekend I am planning on painting the doors to Emma's closet because that needs done and now that I am no longer impregnated I can do it myself...I am a big girl! Tonight is the first night that we are going to try to give Calvin formula to make sure he gets used to it before I go back to work just in case I can't pump enough to keep up with him. I will let you know how it goes. Today Emma and I danced together which was fun. We always dance together but today it was for a long time! I taught her how to pivot which was cute. How are things for everyone else going? Any news from the outside world?