Super Busy at Home

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Random Thoughts

I have been wanting to blog but creating life has taken so much of my energy that I am having a hard time putting any connected thoughts together. So I thought I would do one of these random thought blogs and that way I don't have to put complete thoughts together. Hope you enjoy:

I feel sorry for Nick. I am going over to Gram's this Saturday for a few hours and for some reason I seem to think that that is enough time to get 57 things accomplished around the house...good luck Wit, good luck.

Being able to drive in the snow is something that I feel a tinge of pride about. I have grown up here, I can adapt, unlike the Florida, Cali, etc people placed here because of Notre Dame. Please slow down and don't drive like an idiot. But not that slow, this isn't a parade. If my big fear of typing this and then getting into some horrid snow related accident happens, I will let you know.

Is anyone else excited about cookie making that is coming over to my house to make cookies? For some reason this brings me more joy than anything else, even though I am stressed about you all coming over due to cleaning and being fat and pregnant and worrying about getting worn out and grumpy.

I am disgusted by the story of the woman who was murdered in her van her in our town. Sunday the police thought she had just decided to run away from home despite the fact she's always been a devoted mother and wife. The scary thing is that she was murdered after running out to the grocer's. Please blog readers, know that if I ever disappear it is because something has happened to me and I need help. Don't let the police tell you I have run away from home.
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