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Okay, Anyday Now!

So as I am writing this it is 4:16 am. I spent an hour in bed with those am I in labor, am I not in labor? contractions and figured I had just better get up as I was keeping Nicholas up. So here I am being a nerd and searching for backgrounds for here and just trying to not think about being pregnant. I think in the last few weeks of being pregnant you become so uncomfortable just so you will actually hope for the pains of labor to begin. As I am now no longer working (hip, hip, hurray, like I'm back on the market trading or something, ha!) I am seeing my schedule become more open. I no longer go to bed at 9, I can get up and type in the middle of the night, and I am reading and cross-stitching again, yeah! Nick says it is like I am sitting around waiting to die, and it really is because I just don't know when it is going to happen. Everyone says I am going to deliver soon and yet I have this gnawing feeling that I still have weeks to go. Oh no, please, not weeks! I can't wait weeks!