Homemade Gifts

This year as you know, I am expecting a baby well, any day now. I knew I wouldn't want to be out in the slushy roads (or iced roads as they are now) trying to get all of my presents purchased. And apparently I buy crappy gifts as my brother in law once told me to never buy him anything ever again. So with that in mind I delved into the holiday season way back in August. I have been making presents like a busy little elf, and am now completely done with Christmas shopping. However for some reason when I make Christmas presents, I always feel kind of weasely. I feel like I didn't give enough, didn't do enough, or it is just plain stupid. When in all reality, I spent so much freaking time working on those darn presents, that people should mount them and hang them on the wall because they are just so spectacular. I wish I still felt like I did when I was a little kid and made something for my mom in art class; I was just so proud of it I could hardly wait for Chrismas morning so it could be opened. I have decided however that I am making Christmas gifts from now on. I think it teaches Emma that Christmas is not about money or how much stuff we can give one another, but the thought and love that goes into something. So now I am trying to look forward to giving my gifts and I hope that everyone likes them.