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A great day

So yesterday Emma and I spent practically the entire day together. Nicholas was working in Baby Calvin's room, putting the finishing touches on everything. I have to be honest that I was somewhat apprehensive of spending so much time with her. She just wears me out so much and I was worried I would lose my temper with her. But we had so much fun! She is becoming such a wonderful little girl. She has a baby doll that she was pretending was sick, so we took care of her, and asperated her nose, mouth, ears, anything. She helped me clean her room which was fun, the child spent about half an hour cleaning screws on her crib...oh how they shine. The picture from above is one of my all time favorites of mine. She is just so much fun. I cannot believe how small she is in it, it was taken almost a year ago.

In other news, Calvin's room is almost done. I love that Chris, Lizz, and Praetorian are staying with us because it is making Nick make sure this room is done, ha! With Emma's room we shot for it to be done when Emma was born but was extended out to having a completion date of six months after Emma arrived. So I am excited that this room will be done and useable. Today we are getting the paint for the dresser which was in Emma's room and was painted pastel colors but will now be going back to primary colors. I can't wait to show you the final pictures of Calvin's room. It is going to look fantastic!