Christmas May Be Falling Apart

So I have been in this happy little bubble of bliss. I am pregnant which is nice as what I can't or don't want to do can be delegated and our house is so lovely in the snow with all of the decorating. Now however it seems in maybe a four day period our family's Christmas season is struggling. First lets start with my Grandma who now has strep throat. So any going over there recently has been put off because there is no way I can have strep throat. Hopefully we can take her out of her quarantine for Christmas. Next up is my mom who had to have emergency surgery yesterday on her foot and now cannot walk. That's right, my wait until the last minute to shop and has nothing bought for Christmas mother now cannot walk. Oh joy. Okay just typing makes me feel a little better as I am seeing that it isn't that bad...its really only two problems, but that is what is going on around here. I am just thankful that I have my shopping done (which is done but now I am thinking of things I should go and buy, yikes) and I have some of the cookie batters already made for cookie day. Yeah! Hopefully I will be able to somewhat relax in the coming week. Oh and here's another thing...we have gotten hardly no Christmas cards at all. Are people just not sending them or have we been taken off the cool list? Just wondering so if anyone knows, let me know in a comment.