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Bidding Adieu to 2007

Just to update everyone...still no baby. But even though I am miserable and wondering if I will have the gestational period of an elephant (yes I'll tell everyone, I have been pregnant for two year and counting), I am so thankful for the things in my life. Thought you would all enjoy the list of those things:

-for the pink planner Nicholas got me for Christmas. It is so elegant and came with a lifetime guarantee so if the pages start falling out I can get a new one...I have a tendency to be kind of hard on things.

-for all of our family here over Christmas. We had such a great time and are so blessed to have them in our cousin Chris and I have always been close like brother and sister and I love Lizz like a sister too!

-our house. It is big enough that we can house guests when they come in town and is becoming ours more and more as we tackle each room head on.

-our washer and dryer...they are the new front loading ones and what work horses they are for me!

-our new baby. I am so thankful that Baby Calvin is about to grace us with his presence, and we didn't have to go out and buy a bigger house or car to accomodate him...we are ready!

-toffee from Fannie Mae, and mother in laws who know what you need when you are pregnant

-Christmas money that sits in my wallet as I say "hmmm what should I go buy?" instead of being broke

-My upcoming Pedicure date with Jaime

-Having a team of five housecleaners come and clean my house...hallelujah!

-Having a dressing room! A room of my own to decorate and make my own!

Just a few things I am thankful for...there are just so many that it is overwhelming at times! We wish you all a wonderful and safe New Year!