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Saturday Update

So I realized that I never let you know how our progress on Saturday turned out. Well after all of the talk on the lattice we ended up not being able to do it as there is no way to get it to hold together and we are still missing pieces. We have decided that we are just going to have to buy a piece of lattice that is not the same and get it in there. Calvin's woodwork is all sanded and ready to go. We are planning on painting that Friday and then we have the floor to do and then we are done. There is a good possibility the room could be completed by next week (fingers crossed). KMart ended up not having any toys that we really needed. We went to Menards and got a lot of shopping done, paint and other things to get the storm door fixed...which it is, yeah! Well that is all for now, boring but I thought I had to update you on our progress.