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O Christmas Tree

So our tree is up and I just love it! This year proved to be somewhat tricky as this is the first year with a toddler doing her toddling around the tree. No worries though, we were sure to hang plastic ornaments at the bottom. I have been trying not to care about her playing with those ornaments because I always encourage curiosity and creativity with her. The other issue we faced is the garland on the tree. As you can see in the crazy picture of me above, it is a gumdrop garland...real preserved gumdrops, which Emma likes to try to eat. And so after several trys I think I have it high enough on the tree that she can't get her Sloth from Goonies looking teeth on the garland without it looking very odd that the garland is up so high. This morning when I was coming downstairs for the first time, that blissful smell of pine hit me, and I just closed my eyes and paused on the stairs...moments like that are what the Christmas season are made of. Small miniscule moments that turn into memories that last us our whole lives through. Hope you are enjoying the smell too!