I shouldn't blog mad

So I guess the lesson of my last blog is that I shouldn't blog when I am mad as I am mean to Nick. I am however leaving the blog up instead of deleting it so I can use it as a lesson to myself of how mean I can and shouldn't be. I am also leaving it up as a warning to Nick (muh ah ah ah!) and a reminder to everyone else...don't cross my path or I will write bad things about you on the internet! The picture above it Emma's "welcome to the world" letter from the President and Mrs. Bush we received for Emma. It is actually an older picture but it is super cute so I thought I would post it. Today I am not doing much. Jaime (or Jimmy as Emma calls her) is going to be at my Grandma's so we will probably go over there. It will be great to see them but if for no other reason to have someone else watch Emma. I sound like a really bad mom but really it is just because my pelvis hurts sooo bad!