I need your opinion!

So I am writing in the hopes that you will all be able to give me some feedback regarding something that Nicholas and I have been going round and round about. The issue here is Thanksgiving. First of all let me just begin by venting my frustrations to you about Thanksgiving. It is just not going to be the same this year. My Grandma has decided to not make a turkey but make a turkey breast which we don't think will feed me, let alone everyone else. So we are scrambling to tiptoe around her feelings but also ensure there will be enough food. The next thing that is not the same is that Thanksgiving for Nick's family is at his sisters house. While that is not a big deal, as most of you know, I do not like change. I would be happy if traditions were like school...there's a set schedule, you know what you are having for lunch, and then you go home. I don't like new recipes, new locations, or new decorations. I know, I am weird.

The dilemma we are facing this Thanksgiving is the one of traveling. I am in severe pain now with the pregnancy. I can barely get out of bed and my pelvis hurts soooo bad. It hurts to sit anywhere for too long and my legs tend to have that hurt numby feeling from a pinched nerve. I have just expected that I am going to have to just suck it up and travel the some three hour trip to Nick's sisters house. Now however my absolutely wonderful husband is saying that we are not going if I am going to be in pain the entire time. Yikes! I tried to tell him he could just go without me with Emma, I don't want to hold him down but he doesn't want to go without me. There's no way I am going to be able to fake feeling fine and even if I could it would be a little weird. "Oh yeah I feel fine, the baby must have developed some type of vacuum to float around in as he now feels weightless." Um no. So does anyone have any suggestions? Do I just agree that we don't go? Do I just tell him that we can go and suffer? I don't know and I need your opinion...If it were up to me I would just sit at home from now until the baby is born in dirty sweats.
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