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Hospital Bag

As I am slowly reaching my due date Nicholas suggested that I should begin packing my bag for the hospital. Yeah we are almost there! I am trying to think of what I should pack and for the life of me cannot remember what I need. Due to a number of various painkillers all mixed together, I cannot remember the hospital experience very well. I remember when I came home and finally unpacked my bag I thought that a bunch of the things I had brought were kind of silly as I had never used them; I just can't remember what those silly items were. So I went to a baby website to get a list of what to take, but even that seemed silly: aromatherapy candles, a bathing suit for your husband, cd's. Does anyone have any "can't live without" items that I should pack? What did you find that you did and didn't need? I have the obvious down: shampoo, soap, slippers, jammies, clothes home, etc. But the fluff things, what do you think I need?