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Almost Time

The bassinet is up and ready for Calvin to arrive. My due date is in the first week of January but I was told at the last appointment that they are considering me full term at 35 weeks...and if I did my math right this is my 34th week, so I guess any day now! I have been so uncomfortable but the doctor prescribed baby sling shot seems to be helping when the velcro isn't gouging my skin or the elastic is cutting off my circulation. This week is the job of picking out and purchasing a crib mattress. The crib is almost done and then it is just the finishing touches to get done before Baby # 2 is here! I am so excited this is almost done but also so freaked out that we are about to be parents of two children...ahhh! We are just so thankful for everything, but at this time I think we are most thankful for our supportive family and a big house for all of these children!