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So Freaking Pissed

So I found out by looking at her Target registry where you can list your baby's name that a friend of mine is naming her baby the same name as Emma. Now don't get me wrong, I know Emma is now the number one name for girls and I understand that that is going to be used, but the entire same name? With no call to check and see if that is okay? That is just low. Sorry but it is. Nick and I are friends with the Graverson's who also have an Emma. We don't see them too often but like to think of the four of us as kindred spirits so we called them to make sure it was okay to use Emma...not Emma's whole name but just Emma. I am so pissed. Names are something that are unique and you don't give your kid the same name as a friends kid. Mom One "This is my son Marilynn Manson" and Mom Two "and this is MY son Marilynn Manson". Weird, and now I am pissed. I have been polling other friends to see if I can be justifiably pissed or if this is crazy hormonal pregnancy pissed, and by far the numbers are heavy on the oh yeah be pissed, be very, very pissed side. So now I am mad...mad enough to slash tires...I will have to google how to slash tires or get a slashing tires for dummies book, but still the idea is there.
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