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Our Little Piglet

Can I just ask the simple question of how flipping cute is Emma?
So this weekend was one of Halloween Fun for the Witwer household. Saturday we carved Emma's pumpkin which you can see next to her. Nicholas decided to make her a kitty cat, as she loves kitty cats. Personally it kind of looks like a bat to me, but maybe I am just weird. Maybe I am weird...hee, hee, like I am not so far gone on the weird-o factor. Anyway, Sunday we then had our neighborhoods Halloween party which was so much fun. I must say, I truly love our neighborhood. There is nothing better than neighborhood comraderie (or knowing how to spell comraderie, which as you can see, I do not!). Kids were dressed as stop signs, Wizard of Oz characters, pirates, a little girl had a witch costume on that made her look like a Jon Benet type hooker. And of course there was our own little piglet. We decided to duck out of the parade this year, which seemed last year to simply be us walking around the block stepping on the back of each other's feet. Not so fun. While we were tactfully ducking out of the parade, who should arrive but Juan Manigualt. For those of you who are not familiar with our area, Juan is the republican candidate for Mayor. He is running against Nick's boss so if he wins he will be Nick's boss. Kind of awkward to say the least. So he came over and started talking to us (personally I think he was trying to get my minority vote, but hey, whatever) he was small talking with us and just kicking it around until he asked Nick where he works. You should have seen the look on this guys face when Nick responded that he works in the Economic Development Department for the City. Wow that was a priceless face. Especially entertaining was watching them interact after together after Juan found out that Nicholas is in charge of the golf course, airport, and all of the industrial. Awkward would have been nice to see as Juan has been bashing the growth in Nick's area. They did however agree on several issues so as Nick said he wasn't just standing there giggling. Going back to the party though there was a pinata, cornhole (gotta love Indiana, right?), pumpkin painting, and plenty of food. It was a beautiful day and we got some fantastic shots of our little Piglet. Hope you all had a great weekend