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Learning Time Management...even with Autism and ADHD!

Y’all. I’ve got to tell you. I love my kids. I think they are the coolest, most amazing kids ever. This is how moms are supposed to be, right? We all think this about our kids which I think is so amazing about mothers and motherhood. We all have these rose-colored kid glasses on and we think our kids are great and we know that our kids can do anything they want. This is how love should be. This is what love looks like.

I say all of this in the midst of the early morning while they both are snoozing upstairs. Yesterday was a peaceful day of laundry (on my part) and playing (on their part) and we all ended the day being snuggly and wonderfully happy. Summer days are wonderful for this kind of relaxation in schedule and in losing track of time.


Not all days are like this. So many days are hard and painful. Difficult and stupid. Those are the days when things do not go as planned and when all of our expectations are not met.

As I have done this for years now, the ebb and flow of life itself, I have taken the time to step back and evaluate what makes the bad days bad in an effort to correct and tweak. Any corrections can make bad days better. That is what life is about.

One of the biggest things that I have discovered makes our bad days horrible is a lack of time management. We are all given the same amount of time in each day and no matter what we do, there is no way to obtain more time. There is no rollover plan. We can’t take hours from a lazy day and use them on a day when things are hectic and crazy. It doesn’t work that way. The only thing we can do is to figure out how to manage our time to make the most out of our days and to get the most done or to do our best with the time that we have.

We all have different ways that we manage our time. I know that I am obsessed with my planner and am even more so when times are hectic. However, not everyone works that way.

Emma tends to have a lot of the same brain wiring as I do. Some things are different though. For Calvin, things are a lot different than me. Which isn’t a bad thing but for me I have to work actively to come up with things to try to help him manage his time better. Some things work well and others do not. Like life, it is all trial and error. Thankfully after being a mom for 13 years I’ve figured out some things that work.

5 minutes, 3 minutes, 1 minute remaining

Since my kids were little I’ve done this. I’ve noticed as they have aged they’ve been able to start doing feeling this on their own. When I tell them 5 minutes are remaining they can pretty well gauge when that time is up. When I tell them one minute is left they can feel when they need to be done with their time and move on.

Enter the visual timer

Especially when the kids were younger and couldn’t tell time very well (or at all!) we used this all of the time. Now we enjoy using it for things like piano practice and other things that they may not particularly enjoy doing every time and therefore the time seems to forever drag on. I enjoy that there is a feature for the light to turn to from green to yellow to red so there is a middle time and they can kind of gauge their time remaining using those.

Magic Toothbrush App

So this is of course for teeth brushing only but we like it to manage time spent on teeth brushing. This is an app where you push the go button and a toothbrush starts to clean foam from the screen to reveal a picture. Where the brush on the screen is brushing shows you were you should be brushing in your mouth. We love it! I love that I can know my kids are spending enough time brushing their teeth when they use it rather than 22 seconds and then they try to be done.

A Planner

This one is only for Emma…so far. I might try to get Calvin on the planner train but right now I think it would be more work than it would be helpful.

Emma on the other hand LOVES her planner. I surprised her when June camps were over with a new student Happy Planner. She uses it all of the time. It is a fun thing that her and I do together. We like to sit down and put stickers in our books and think of all of the ways to decorate. It’s an outlet for our creativity and it forces us to think of what is coming up in the upcoming days and to really focus and plan for things. It also has helped us to live intentionally through our life which I love. For time management it has helped her because she writes down all of her homework and activities to do and can visually see what all she needs to get done. It has helped her to not put things off until later that night and then forget she had plans and become frustrated.

Emma struggles with ADHD. With girls it is sometimes so hard to discern. With Emma her struggle with time management manifests itself in her becoming so, so frustrated with herself. It is hard to watch her beat herself up about missing deadlines or over committing herself to projects. The planner has really helped her and has helped me to aide her.

The Old School or Cell Phone Timer

Just a classic timer has helped us so much. Before things could take the kids forever. Now I will put a timer on for, say 30 minutes, and whatever math they get done in that time is what we get done. If I feel they didn’t put much effort into their work then I will start doling out homework but for the most part they work hard and stay diligent in their tasks. This gives them the peace of mind to only have to do math for 30 minutes and doesn’t make them frustrated when math takes them 2 hours and they still have a whole day of work to do.

Garmin Vivofit Jr.

We purchased one of these for Emma for Christmas. She had been begging for one.

We finally caved and I must say that we have been really happy with it. It has a stop watch feature and a timer She uses the time feature all of the time and I love that is has an alarm.

We will have her set it when they have electronic time so they know when their time is up. For her classes in homeschooling I will give her an amount of time to work on something and she sets the timer.

It also has reminders for chores and other things which helps her to keep on task and to remember what she needs to be doing.

So those are the things that our family uses to help us stay on task and help our kids with time management. Who am I kidding? And us! I use the cell phone timer ALL of the time!

If you have pointers or tips for things that help your family manage time better, please let me know! I am always looking for things that will help us to live more intentionally and use our time the best we can!

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Helping Kids to Manage their time in school and throughout their day to live intentionally.

Cottage Details

My last post about the cottage was the tour of how we are almost done with the interior! We are so in love with our favorite spot and love to go there to get away. If you missed that post you can read it all here and see what we have done with the place!

I thought I would get a little more in depth and talk a bit more about decor and pieces that I have picked up along the way that I love. The feel of the cottage that I am going for is acquired. I don’t want a feel that we went and bought everything new but rather I am going with a collection of pieces and momentos that we love, that bring us joy, and that will give the place a curated feel like it’s been in our family for generations rather than a few years. To do this I look for pieces everywhere: at thrift stores, flea markets, my grandma’s house, and things that we have at our house.

I will also say that by doing it this was it is such a neat experience to see how God provides. For example, this summer we have been getting serious about stocking our kitchen with more gadgets that we need while not going overboard. After all I don’t want a ton of items to have to take care of, put away, and weed through when I am looking for something. Not cool. However necessities like a pizza cutter and an ice cream scoop have proven to be missing items that are desperately needed, especially when you have kiddos. Well, I didn’t want to go and spend a ton of money on buying a bunch of stuff. I wanted this to be a thing of collecting items. It was hard to go without but I knew the pieces would come. Sure enough, last week I was at my moms and she was giving a bunch of kitchen gadgets away. She pretty much had everything that we needed for the cottage.

All of that to say, we are going slow with filling in the gaps of needed items, knowing that we have all the time in the world and that God will provide in His time.

All that to say I am thrilled to be able to show you a few of my favorite details of the place:

Our favorite details about our tiny lake cottage! It's all in the details, right?

Nick built these shelves next to the kids bunk beds (they are a total mess in this photo but you get the idea) and we love them! He built them out of salvaged lumber from a bookshelf that was in the office of my childhood pastor. How cool is that? The biggest obstacle we’ve had to face with having a tiny place is the lack of storage. There just isn’t room for furniture to store things so we’ve had to be really creative. The shelves have really helped to keep all of the kids things at bay and provide them a solid sense of belonging in their bedroom.

Our favorite details about our tiny lake cottage! It's all in the details, right?

Hello my name is Lindsay and I am sucker for fun towels. Seriously, give me all of the towels. It’s a real problem, folks. I love this one I picked up in Middlebury, Indiana.

Our favorite details about our tiny lake cottage! It's all in the details, right?

I picked this pillow up at an antiques store in Nappanee, Indiana. The color scheme for our cottage is gray, blue, white, and a teeny bit of green. So this fits in great. I love it because my Grandpa was in the Navy at Great Lakes. This is totally something he would have sent home to my Grandma. It is so special to me because of that.

Our favorite details about our tiny lake cottage! It's all in the details, right?

Does anyone else love old boxes for storage or is it just me? This box holds a lot of the kids toys and books…and a shirt apparently.

We found this cold brew coffee press at Bloomingdales and love, love, love it! It works so well, the coffee tastes great, and there have been no grounds in the coffee. This has been perfect for super hot days. Also, I love these cute cups we found at Homegoods and gifted ourselves at Christmas (does anyone else do this???). Sorry guys but I scoured the internet for ours and can’t find them, but I adore these and think they would be a great gift idea!

Our favorite details about our tiny lake cottage! It's all in the details, right?

This fan was a Goodwill find but was a really ugly taupey kind of brown color. Nick spray painted it and now it is so fun. All of the windows that face the lake are in our kitchen so sometimes it gets toasty over there while cooking. The fan helps provide just a touch of a breeze.

Our favorite details about our tiny lake cottage! It's all in the details, right?

I adore our dishes. They are vintage Corelle and they belonged to my late Grandma Wannie. They are one of my most treasured possessions. They make me think of her every time we use them.

The blue dishes on the right were a gift from the sweetest Mother-in-Law ever and I just love them. They were a wedding gift they received and I love using them. They are fun for desserts with friends and other snackys.

Our indoor/outdoor rug was the most expensive decoration we bought for the cottage ($60!) but it has been perfect. It helps it is indoor/outdoor because it can be scrubbed or even thrown into the washing machine. I found one that is pretty darn close here if you like ours.

So those are some of my favorite little details of the cottage! I am always looking for tiny house storage ideas so if you have any pointers or tips for how we can keep clutter at bay, I’d love some ideas!

Cottage DEETs.jpg

6th Grade Curriculum Choices for 2019/2020

Eep, y’all, can time please stand still? I don’t know how I became the mom of a 6th Grader who is my baby but I’m pretty sure someone is going to quickly realize I’m really only 15.

6th Grade Curriculum for our 2019/2020 Homeschool Year.

At least that is still how I feel. Is there a medical condition for never feeling like you are growing up and still feeling completely inadequate to adult? What is that called? Because I have that.

Needless to say Calvin is going in to the 6th grade or perhaps we should call it 6th grade-esque. We are after all homechoolers, folks. You know how we like to be all loosey-goosey with those rules.

This is the first year in a while that I am not changing everything under the sun for Cal in a wild effort to find something, anything that will help the kid to learn. Can we all get a Hallelujah because I am one happy momma that I am not having to spend hours reading scope and sequences for curriculum and compare them and stalk people on the interwebs who have used said curriculum to see if their children look relatively uncouthed from the curriculum or if it has changed them and not for the better. Like Becky Sue with that mule. Cross eyed one minute, straight back the next. Don’t buy curriculum that’s like the mule, folks.

All that to say I feel free but like I should be doing something. I choose to ignore that feeling most of the time and instead watch more Hulu. Hulu and I are friends.

As promised, today I’m sharing our 6th Grade Curriculum picks, so let’s get to it!

Here is our curriculum line up for this year.

Writing: IEW Medieval History-Based Writing 

Grammar: Essentials of the English Language

(Available to purchase if you are in the Classical Conversations Essentials Program). If we were not in the CC Program we would be doing First Language Lessons or Rod and Staff English. We’ve used both in the past and I really liked both of them.

History: Story of the World, Volume 2: The Middle Ages

We will be using the softcover chapter book by Susan Wise Bauer (the history reads like a story which we all LOVE!) and the Activity Book. There is an audio book of this available as well as tests. We don’t use either of those materials though.

Latin: Latina Christiana Level 1

Typing: Jump Start Typing

This is an older program. Honestly I think I may have purchased it from a Scholastic Book Order when Emma was in preschool (gulp!) but it is still available. It works really well for us and is game formatted which both kids have enjoyed.


We will be following the CC weeks of Science and adding materials in that pertain to each week.

We will also continue with Kiwi Crates because the kids love doing those. So excited to do experiments with our kiddos who LOVE science! We are so blessed. Allow me to just randomly interject that little statement.


We will be following the Story of the World’s maps as well as tracing maps that go along with Cycle 2 of Classical Conversations.

We tried about 5 different math curriculums with Cal (that just made me think that maybe I’ll talk about that sometime) before we found this curriculum. It plays really, really well with the autism because it is very large concept thinking. Things that I never would have thought of. It’s also extremely out of the box thinking which seems to help pull Calvin in and keep him challenged on a fun level rather than being bored with the work. I highly recommend this math curriculum!

Other Activities Cal will be in:





We will be adding in unit studies as we can and nature studies here and there as we have time.

So I’m curious. What are your curriculum recommendations? I love having new ideas.


6th Grade Curriculum for our 2019/2020 Homeschool Year.
6th Grade Curriculum for our 2019/2020 Homeschool Year.

Kid Choices for Amazon Prime Day!

Are you new to Amazon Prime Day and what it is? Then you can read about my description of it here.

I thought I would share with you what my kids are into now that are available from Amazon. I was really picky with this list. There are a kajillion toys that they have but these are the big things that they use almost every single day. They love these things and they have proven to be reliable, fun, long lasting, and useful for us.

As you can see our kids have a lot of interests. During the summer they are allowed to play 20 minutes of video games and that is if they have earned it. So there are a lot of crafts made, playtime had, recipes made, outdoor games played, and nature studied. I love challenging the kids to continue to find something to do. To be honest it has been weeks since I’ve heard that anyone is bored so I think it is working!

Anyway, this is a good list for you if you are looking for something for your kiddos or maybe you are looking for some gift ideas.

If you have any other suggestions for what to get on Prime Day I would love to hear them! I put money aside each month for Christmas gifts and am always looking for some great gift ideas. Comment below with what your kiddos love!